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At James Group 1, we value our clients. Whether you are looking for a luxury apartment, a perfect shopping location, or a rental for you and your pet, our exceptional team of agents is ready to assist you to get the most out of your rental needs.

Here, you can view home details and photos and connect with our dedicated team of James Group 1 Agents. Once connected, we assist our clients in getting into a rental property of their choosing, and afterwards, support and enhance their ownership chances by helping them complete our 12-month homeownership program. Common questions and concerns that are addressed during participation in the program include:

  • Financial preparedness by our renters – “Am I ready to own a home?”
  • Length of time it takes to qualify for a home loan – “How long will I be here?”
  • Operational expenditures associated with home ownership – “How much does it really cost in terms of time and money?”
  • Saving for a down payment ‘ “How much money do I need to begin?”

Don’t let the perfect living space slip away!